Many of us have carpets in at least a few rooms in our homes or throughout our commercial premises.

To those of your who do have them, it’s important to undertake regular carpet cleaning. While hovering every couple of days can keep your carpets clean, professional carpet cleaning can also help make a big difference, both in the short-term and long-term.

Here at Gloucester Cleaning Service we have pulled together a list of reasons who our customers employ us to do regular carpet cleaning:

1. Professional carpet cleaning can help maintain the look at use of the carpets for many years to come.

2. Compared with regular hovering, professional carpet cleaning is a ‘deep clean’ and something that really gets all of the dirt out.

3. While it’s now possible to purchase a number of off the shelf carpet cleaning products, you stand a much better chance of removing stubborn stains with professional carpet cleaning.

4. With professional carpet cleaning you stand a much better chance of removing any pesky mites from your carpet. This can help reduce the risk of mould and allergies.

Gloucester Cleaning Service have been helping customers across Gloucester and Gloucestershire with carpet cleaning for 25 years. If you’d like to book us for carpet cleaning get in touch today on either 07972 588 741 or 07964 058 243.