DIY or hire a professional, DIY or hire a professional, DIY or hire a professional? The question that often comes into our head when it comes to high-level cleaning, house maintenance or decorating.

Here at Gloucester Cleaning Service we help domestic and commercial clients across Gloucestershire with a variety of different cleaning jobs, including pressure washing. So, while we might be slightly biased with it comes to answering the question ‘why hire a professional pressure washing firm?’ we think our reasons for doing so are valid.

Professionalism, safety and piece of mind

The first reason why you should think about hiring a professional to help with pressure washing, or any other high-level cleaning is safety. In the wrong hands a pressure washer can be pretty dangerous, with the powerful jets of water capable of damaging exposed skin very quickly.

The majority of professional pressure washing firms will be highly-trained and experienced. Here at Gloucester Cleaning Service all of our cleaning operatives are NVQ qualified and we’re also a member of the Safe Contractor approved scheme.

Professional Equipment

Another reason to go with a professional pressure washing firm is the equipment they use. There’s now a massive range of pressure washers available and a professional company will have the knowledge to know which pressure washer to use for different jobs and also how to use it.


Finally, if a professional cleaning firm is offering a service like pressure washing there is a good chance they are not only experienced but also very efficient and good at what they do. This means it’s much quicker than if you try to tackle the problem area yourself and also means you’ll end up with better results.

If you are based in Gloucestershire and would like to discuss the pressure washing services Gloucester Cleaning Service offer get in touch with a member of the team today on 07972 588 741 or 01452 533 783.

Alternatively, you can send an email to info@gloucestercleaningservice.co.uk or visit the pressure washing page on our website – http://www.gloucestercleaningservice.co.uk/pressure-washing/.