It goes without saying that here at Gloucester Cleaning Service we work with clients all year round. While certain services lend themselves to certain times of year, we often have lots of enquiries for our gutter cleaning services at the start of Autumn when all of the leaves fall from the trees for example.

Pressure washing is a service that you might think we only provide in the summer, but the truth is we provide pressure washing for clients across Gloucestershire in all four seasons. In the wetter months of the year customers getting in touch often ask is it safe to pressure wash in the rain?

The short answer is yes, but this is invariably followed by a most of the time. Pressure washing in the rain is okay provided your equipment is kept in dry location away from the wet.

If you’re unsure about pressure washing in the rain or would like to speak with a professional, then please contact Gloucester Cleaning Service on either 07972 588 741 or

Alongside pressure washing services we also provides clients across Gloucestershire with gutter cleaning, carpeting cleaning and more.