The pressure washing process involves using a high-pressure mechanical sprayer and water/cleaning solution combination to remove dirt, mud and grime from a surface.

Pressure washing is one of the most popular services we offer customers here at Gloucester Cleaning Services and is something that we’ve carried out for happy customers right across Gloucestershire.

Typically, a customer comes to us as they want an outdoor space that has become dirty overtime pressure washed and brought ‘back to new’. The results from pressure washing are instant. We often get a ‘wow’ followed by a big smile from the customer after we’re finished.

We then usually get a call back a few days later asking if another area of their house can also be pressure washed. To help customers and potential customers understand, we’ve put together the following guide on surfaces that can be pressure washed (and one that can’t):


One of the most popular surfaces to receive the pressure washing treatment from the Gloucester Cleaning Service team are driveways. Whether we’re talking bricks, concrete or paving we always leave driveways looking better after a pressure washing session.


With the right setting on the pressure washer, plastic is another surface that can also be pressure washed. Think of the garden furniture left out all winter that you now need for an outdoor gathering.

House Walls

Overtime to the external walls of your house can become dirty, they can also benefit from having the pressure washing treatment.

And here’s one that can’t be pressure washed…

Slate Roof

You would think a slate roof, that overtime may suffer from dirt and moss build-up would be a prime candidate for pressure washing. Unfortunately, the pressure washing process is too powerful for a slate roof and can cause the tiles to become loose. We do not recommend pressure washing a slate roof.

As well as pressure washing, Gloucester Cleaning Service also provide gutter cleaning and carpet cleaning services for customers across Gloucestershire. To discuss any of the different services we offer contact the team on either 07972588741, 07964058243 or by email at