In the 25 years we’ve been operating as a cleaning company in Gloucester the job of carpet cleaning has evolved significantly.

From the introduction of powerful stain removers (that still required lots of manual scrubbing), wet/dry vacuum cleaners to finally where we are today with a specially designed, truck mounted carpet cleaning machines.


At Gloucester Cleaning Service our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine offers customers a number of benefits.

The first is the power, our carpet cleaning machine runs from the engine in our cleaning van. This means it has significantly more power than a portable carpet cleaning machine that runs off the electrics in your home or office.

This leads us nicely onto the second benefit. When hiring Gloucester Cleaning Service for a carpet cleaning job you won’t have a spike in your electricity bill come the end of the quarter. The cleaning power we use comes from our van, not your mains electric.

Finally, because all of our pipes and hoses are connected to our van, we automatically take all of the gunk, stains and residue that comes up from your carpet away with us when we’re finished.

If you would like a quote for carpet cleaning in the Gloucester or the wider Gloucestershire area then please get in touch with Gloucester Cleaning Service today.

You can speak with a member of the team on either 07972 588 741 or 07964 058 243.