When members of the Gloucester Cleaning Service team are providing pressure washing services for domestic and commercial customers across Gloucestershire, they are usually always asked the same question.

Do we use anything other than water in our pressure washer?

The truthful answer is that there is no secret formula or magic mix and that the majority of the time we use just water. On occasion and depending what’s required for the job we sometimes use one or two chemicals.

We must stress that most jobs, whether domestic or commercial don’t require chemicals of any quantity. However, on the occasions when we do have to use chemicals, the quantities are always very low.

When discussing chemicals, another questions usually follows…

Which chemicals do you use in your pressure washer?

While the chemicals we use are probably stronger than those you’d find in a household cleaning cupboard, we always take extra special care of the outdoor spaces we’re cleaning and make sure to leave the area as we found it after we’re finished.

If you’d like to discuss the pressure washing services Gloucester Cleaning Service offer clients across Gloucestershire, then get in touch on either 07972 588 741 or info@gloucestercleaningservice.co.uk.